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How the Adoption Process Works While We’re Closed

During this temporary closure, intake will not stop and our volunteers will continue to work diligently to keep the organization running smoothly.

We will keep you up to date with pictures of our available animals on our website, facebook page, and petfinder.

When you find an animal you’re interested in, fill out an application on our site or call 336-574-9600 and leave a message on our adoptions line.

Our adoptions team will screen applications via the telephone and we will connect puppies and kittens with new homes at the safest time possible.

6 Comments on "How the Adoption Process Works While We’re Closed"

  • Patricia A Robinson says

    Good morning, I am interested in Beevie (White with brown spots) featured on Facebook.

  • Renee Mansir says

    Hello. I am interested in adopting Russell. I left a voice message and look forward in hearing back from me.

    • Chad Bowser says

      If you have not so already, you can complete the canine adoption application on our dogs for adoption page.

  • Erik R. Baity says

    I have a redbone coonhound I would like to possibly bring to your location who I believe would be better suited for someone else’s home that is home more and can give him better attention. Thank you, Erik B.

    • Chad Bowser says

      If you need to surrender an animal, do not bring it to the adoption center. It is currently closed. You need to call 336-574-9600 and leave a message on the rescue line.