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What to do if you need help with an animal.

ARFP’s focus is kittens and puppies 12 weeks of age and younger. If you find a kitten or puppy in need of rescue please email Make sure to include pictures and as much information as possible about the animals.

Alternatively, call 336-574-9600 and leave a message on the RESCUE line.

ARFP operates on a foster-home model. Kittens and puppies are placed in foster homes for care and socialization. Foster homes are limited in number, so we can only help as many animals as we have available foster homes.

3 Comments on "What to do if you need help with an animal."

  • sharon wagner says

    I have 2 kittens 8 weeks old that were abandoned under my home. I can not care for them and can not find placement through ARF or local counties.

  • Valerie Sweatt says

    I need to surrender my cat. My husband and I are moving to help take care of my mother and we cannot take her with us. Please help!

    • Chad Bowser says

      Make sure to follow the steps listed in the article. If there’s room for a cat in the program someone will be in touch.