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Volunteer Opportunities

ARFP is always looking for volunteers to help us save homeless and orphaned animals. Even if you can’t foster animals, there are still many ways you can make a difference. Only 25% of our active volunteers are foster parents; the rest help with fundraising efforts, sending thank you cards to donators, setting up and tearing down at ARFP events, holding dogs at adoption fairs, caring for the cats housed at our adoption facility, and many other ways.

If you live in the Greensboro, NC, area and would like to become an ARFP volunteer to help us save homeless animals, please submit an online volunteer form and let us know which team (or teams!) you’d like to become a part of.

Administrative Team

Stuff envelopes for various mailings
Run errands for the program
Type letters, memos, etc
Write thank you notes
Maintain the website
Help keep records on animals

Adoptions Team

Phone screen potential adoptive homes
Face-to-face screen potential adoptive homes

Adoptions Fair Team

Coordinate volunteers for adoption fairs
Set up and/or break down equipment for adoption fairs
Walk, water, and hold the animals at the fairs
Transport animals to and from fairs to help foster parents

Education Team

Speak to school groups
Speak to civic organizations

Foster Parent Team

Foster kittens, cats, puppies or dogs
Baby-sit for foster animals

FUNdraising Team

Find placement for ARFP donation boxes
Participate in the annual purse sale (advance prep and same day volunteers)
Walk to raise money in the Human Race
Collect/sort items for the recycling program
Help with the “Love Is Not Enough” mailing campaign
Help with Picture Your Pet holiday pictures
Wrap gifts at Borders during the holidays
Setup and maintain items at the Shabby Paw

Rescue Team

Answer calls on the rescue line and aid in placing the animals in foster homes
Provide alternative recommendations for those animals we cannot place in foster homes

Media Team

Work on newsletter (write/edit articles, deliver newsletter to area veterinarians)
Maintain website
Post adoptable pets on Petfinder
Post to the ARFP social media sites (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, blog)
Take pictures and videos of pets and events

Recruitment Team

Promote volunteerism in and out of ARFP
Set up information tables at adoption fairs, special events, and community events
Send out volunteer packets
Follow up with potential volunteers via telephone