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Interested in Fostering?

If you’re interested in fostering puppies or kittens, please fill out a VOLUNTEER application — not an application for the species you’re interested in fostering.

Once you’ve submitted the form, a volunteer will be in contact as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that young puppies and kittens are fostered in pairs or triplets to allow for proper socialization.

The volunteer interest form is available here:

10 Comments on "Interested in Fostering?"

  • Emily Haston says

    Hello! I am interested in fostering a kitten (or two!). I couldn’t find the volunteer application through the site, so I am leaving a comment here. Please let me know next steps to move the process along. I look forward to hearing from you

  • Christina Hairston says

    Are you guys looking for fosters for senior dogs?

  • Amy R Davis says

    Hello Chad my name is Amy are you taking fostering patents at this time? I just moved to Pleasant Garden and would love to help. I did fostering in Salisbury NC and I can give you references if needed. Thank you!

    • Chad Bowser says

      We are always looking for foster parents. You should fill out a volunteer interest form from the site’s menu.

  • Nathan laim says

    Hi my name is Nathan and I interested in fostering a small animals but not cats or dog like hamsters, Guinea pig, rabbit and things like that if there is any information on fostering any of those animals can you give me a call or contact me at 336-340-7112

  • Kaitlyn Stilson says

    Hi! I’m interested in fostering a dog/puppy. I filled out a form earlier today and just want to make sure it got through!