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Videos of Kittens? Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Two groups of foster kittens have started Youtube channels!

Annabel Lee, born around January 2018, is looking for a forever home. She came to ARFP in October 2020 after having a littler of four kittens and being abandoned in a shopping center in Greensboro, NC.

All four kittens have been adopted! Now Annabel Lee is searching for her new home.

She’s sweet, loves to be petted, and gets along with other cats. Oh, and a fondness for naming her videos after feline versions of Bond films.

Not to be left out, a new group of kittens decided they want a channel, too!

This litter was found in the woods. Despite a lengthy search for the mother, she never returned. The kittens were then scooped up and placed in a foster home where they can get all the attention, love, and food they need.

Not to be outdone, they decided to do a daily chronicle of their life, including some exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Without further ado, The Chronicles of Kitteh!

Daphne’s Babies are One Month Old!

It’s hard to believe that sometime late on March 6, 2020 or early on March 7, 2020, Daphne had four little kittens.

They’re growing up fast. They’re playing, using the litter box, and getting plenty of socialization from their foster parents.

They did take some time out of their busy schedule to pose for a family portrait.

L-R Dragon, Wyvern, Falkor, Copper (in middle), Daphne.

And, just like many modern-day children, they have their own blog at:

They also have their own YouTube channel:

How the Adoption Process Works While We’re Closed

During this temporary closure, intake will not stop and our volunteers will continue to work diligently to keep the organization running smoothly.

We will keep you up to date with pictures of our available animals on our website, facebook page, and petfinder.

When you find an animal you’re interested in, fill out an application on our site or call 336-574-9600 and leave a message on our adoptions line.

Our adoptions team will screen applications via the telephone and we will connect puppies and kittens with new homes at the safest time possible.

Interested in Fostering?

If you’re interested in fostering puppies or kittens, please fill out a VOLUNTEER application — not an application for the species you’re interested in fostering.

Once you’ve submitted the form, a volunteer will be in contact as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that young puppies and kittens are fostered in pairs or triplets to allow for proper socialization.

The volunteer interest form is available here:

New Hours

Until further notice the Next Step Adoption Center will only be OPEN to the public on Saturdays from 11am-2pm.

Come visit Muffin and Friends!


The Next Step Adoption center is open today from 1PM-4PM! Stop by to play with our puppies and kittens, and to adopt one today!

Stop by the rescue center today from 11-3 to visit Muffin and shop our tree for gifts for your furry family members! 

NSAC Closed Due to Snow

The ARFP adoption center will be closed this evening due to snow. Stay safe and warm!

Adoption Center closed January 7 and 8

Due to the inclement weather, the adoption center will be closed January 7 and 8. It will reopen on Wednesday the 11th at 5pm.

Adoption Center Closed Until January

The Next Step Adoption Center is closed for the remainder of the year. It will reopen on Wednesday January 4.