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Videos of Kittens? Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Two groups of foster kittens have started Youtube channels!

Annabel Lee, born around January 2018, is looking for a forever home. She came to ARFP in October 2020 after having a littler of four kittens and being abandoned in a shopping center in Greensboro, NC.

All four kittens have been adopted! Now Annabel Lee is searching for her new home.

She’s sweet, loves to be petted, and gets along with other cats. Oh, and a fondness for naming her videos after feline versions of Bond films.

Not to be left out, a new group of kittens decided they want a channel, too!

This litter was found in the woods. Despite a lengthy search for the mother, she never returned. The kittens were then scooped up and placed in a foster home where they can get all the attention, love, and food they need.

Not to be outdone, they decided to do a daily chronicle of their life, including some exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Without further ado, The Chronicles of Kitteh!

Sigurd: Let’s Go for a Walk!

UPDATE: Sigurd has been adopted!


My husband and I have been fostering Sigurd since he was about eight weeks old. There were four kittens in his litter, and they joined our two current foster kittens, Ragnar and Brunhilde. Everyone else has long since found a home, but Sigurd still hasn’t found his forever family yet. I find that so hard to believe! He is such a sweetheart. He curls up next to me and naps while I work on the couch every day, and he’s such a hoot when he plays. One of his favorite things to do is carry his toys around. We’re forever finding toys in new spots around the house. And there is nothing more adorable than watching Sigurd trot through a room with a toy in his mouth.

He’s also the softest kitten you’ve ever petted! Whenever people are visiting the cat room at the adoption center, invariably someone will pet Sigurd, then call to whoever they came with, “Come here! You have to pet this kitten! He’s so soft!”

I tease him that he’s half Angora bunny. 😉

I have no doubt that Sigurd’s forever home is out there, just waiting to meet him. But until then, I wanted to show everyone a little of Sigurd’s adorableness — in this case, him playing with a feather toy, and taking me for a “walk” after he catches it. Enjoy!