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Videos of Kittens? Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Two groups of foster kittens have started Youtube channels!

Annabel Lee, born around January 2018, is looking for a forever home. She came to ARFP in October 2020 after having a littler of four kittens and being abandoned in a shopping center in Greensboro, NC.

All four kittens have been adopted! Now Annabel Lee is searching for her new home.

She’s sweet, loves to be petted, and gets along with other cats. Oh, and a fondness for naming her videos after feline versions of Bond films.

Not to be left out, a new group of kittens decided they want a channel, too!

This litter was found in the woods. Despite a lengthy search for the mother, she never returned. The kittens were then scooped up and placed in a foster home where they can get all the attention, love, and food they need.

Not to be outdone, they decided to do a daily chronicle of their life, including some exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Without further ado, The Chronicles of Kitteh!




Ramses would love to take a moment to say, “Hi!”

First, his deets. He’s a gray tabby born on April 13th, 2020. One of four siblings, Ramses is the only one of his brothers and sisters who hasn’t been adopted yet. He’s up-to-date on his shots for his age and is eagerly awaiting his new home.

Ramses wants you to know that he’s a people cat. He loves people, whether that’s sitting in their lap, playing with them, or just sleeping contentedly nearby. He follows his foster parents throughout the house to make sure they know he’s there to help whenever needed. If pressed, he’d say his three most important skills are lap kitty, toy tester, and safety inspector.

One way he helps is to make sure that the brush is in good working order.

Ahhh, a good brushing…

As the only foster in a home with four resident cats, it falls to Ramses to make sure the toys are safe for everyone else. Especially since the resident cats are all older.

Yup. This toy works. On to the next. A kitten’s work is never done!

Ramses also feels it’s very important that the people in his life don’t get hurt, so he makes sure they don’t fall down the stairs.

Pay no attention to the weird cat at the bottom of the stairs.

After a hard day’s work, Ramses does appreciate a good lap to curl up in to nap.

If you think you need a highly skilled people cat like Ramses in your life, head over to our cat page to learn more about adopting from ARFP:

They have pillaged & plundered… now they nap


Gunnar and Sigurd, tuckered out after a busy morning of running around their foster home

While their siblings are off getting spayed and neutered today, Viking kittens Gunnar and Sigurd decided to stay home and run around instead. I’m their foster mom, Andi, and right now we have so many foster kittens in our house that we had to split them into groups for neutering because we can’t fit them all in our car at once! Yeah, kitten season is definitely here in force.

Brunhilde and Ragnar are taking part in today’s excursion to the vet because they’re actually from a different litter and are a little older. Not a lot, but enough that they’re at the top of our snip list. Magnus and Heimdall, who are true littermates with Gunnar and Sigurd, are getting neutered today, too, because they’re already adoption pending. Yay!

Because each kitten has to be in a separate carrier when they go to the spay/neuter clinic and we can only fit four carriers in our car at a time, Gunnar and Sigurd get to stay here at home with Chad and me today. One of the perks of working from home is getting to hang out with our foster cats all day.

Of course, it’s hard to get any work done when you’ve got cuties like these running around. All I want to do is watch them play – which for Sigurd and Gunnar today has meant chasing each other and our one-year-old cat Monet up and down the stairs – and up and down and up and down! – and all over the living room and dining room. Believe it or not, the kittens got tuckered out before Monet did! (Although if you’ve met Monet, that’s not much of a surprise.)

We’ll pick up the rest of the Viking horde from the spay/neuter clinic later today. Kittens bounce back from surgery quickly, especially the boys, so Brunhilde, Ragnar, Sigurd, and Gunnar will all be at the adoption center on Sunday from 1-4 pm.

As for Magnus and Heimdall, they’ll be heading to their new forever home early next week! Did I say yay? Because YAYYYYYY! 😀