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Ramses would love to take a moment to say, “Hi!”

First, his deets. He’s a gray tabby born on April 13th, 2020. One of four siblings, Ramses is the only one of his brothers and sisters who hasn’t been adopted yet. He’s up-to-date on his shots for his age and is eagerly awaiting his new home.

Ramses wants you to know that he’s a people cat. He loves people, whether that’s sitting in their lap, playing with them, or just sleeping contentedly nearby. He follows his foster parents throughout the house to make sure they know he’s there to help whenever needed. If pressed, he’d say his three most important skills are lap kitty, toy tester, and safety inspector.

One way he helps is to make sure that the brush is in good working order.

Ahhh, a good brushing…

As the only foster in a home with four resident cats, it falls to Ramses to make sure the toys are safe for everyone else. Especially since the resident cats are all older.

Yup. This toy works. On to the next. A kitten’s work is never done!

Ramses also feels it’s very important that the people in his life don’t get hurt, so he makes sure they don’t fall down the stairs.

Pay no attention to the weird cat at the bottom of the stairs.

After a hard day’s work, Ramses does appreciate a good lap to curl up in to nap.

If you think you need a highly skilled people cat like Ramses in your life, head over to our cat page to learn more about adopting from ARFP:

Daphne’s Babies are One Month Old!

It’s hard to believe that sometime late on March 6, 2020 or early on March 7, 2020, Daphne had four little kittens.

They’re growing up fast. They’re playing, using the litter box, and getting plenty of socialization from their foster parents.

They did take some time out of their busy schedule to pose for a family portrait.

L-R Dragon, Wyvern, Falkor, Copper (in middle), Daphne.

And, just like many modern-day children, they have their own blog at:

They also have their own YouTube channel:

Sigurd: Let’s Go for a Walk!

UPDATE: Sigurd has been adopted!


My husband and I have been fostering Sigurd since he was about eight weeks old. There were four kittens in his litter, and they joined our two current foster kittens, Ragnar and Brunhilde. Everyone else has long since found a home, but Sigurd still hasn’t found his forever family yet. I find that so hard to believe! He is such a sweetheart. He curls up next to me and naps while I work on the couch every day, and he’s such a hoot when he plays. One of his favorite things to do is carry his toys around. We’re forever finding toys in new spots around the house. And there is nothing more adorable than watching Sigurd trot through a room with a toy in his mouth.

He’s also the softest kitten you’ve ever petted! Whenever people are visiting the cat room at the adoption center, invariably someone will pet Sigurd, then call to whoever they came with, “Come here! You have to pet this kitten! He’s so soft!”

I tease him that he’s half Angora bunny. 😉

I have no doubt that Sigurd’s forever home is out there, just waiting to meet him. But until then, I wanted to show everyone a little of Sigurd’s adorableness — in this case, him playing with a feather toy, and taking me for a “walk” after he catches it. Enjoy!