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Meet Eros!

Eros is a sweet, playful Husky mix who loves other dogs. Wouldn’t he be the perfect addition to your family?

Learn more about adopting Eros, or fill out an online adoption application.

The Cutest Music Judges Ever!

Introducing the 2024 season of musical talent judges!

Their baby whimpers for attention, cries at meal time, and sibling play barks let us know that they are well qualified to critique anyone who hits the stage.

Welcome to fosters Luke, Richie, and Katie. We love you already!

These babies are 4.5ish weeks old. Mom (a lab/golden mix) was poisoned (by a suspected neighbor). Dad was either the springer spaniel or the St. Bernard of the home.

These babies are accepting applications now, however it will be a while before they can go to forever homes.

Meet Travis!

Meet Travis!
Travis wants to meet YOU!

Travis is a playful pup who loves to romp, roll, eat, and sleep. Check out this video to see him in action, and then come to our adoption center to meet him in person!

Learn more about adopting Travis or any other dog in our program here.




Ramses would love to take a moment to say, “Hi!”

First, his deets. He’s a gray tabby born on April 13th, 2020. One of four siblings, Ramses is the only one of his brothers and sisters who hasn’t been adopted yet. He’s up-to-date on his shots for his age and is eagerly awaiting his new home.

Ramses wants you to know that he’s a people cat. He loves people, whether that’s sitting in their lap, playing with them, or just sleeping contentedly nearby. He follows his foster parents throughout the house to make sure they know he’s there to help whenever needed. If pressed, he’d say his three most important skills are lap kitty, toy tester, and safety inspector.

One way he helps is to make sure that the brush is in good working order.

Ahhh, a good brushing…

As the only foster in a home with four resident cats, it falls to Ramses to make sure the toys are safe for everyone else. Especially since the resident cats are all older.

Yup. This toy works. On to the next. A kitten’s work is never done!

Ramses also feels it’s very important that the people in his life don’t get hurt, so he makes sure they don’t fall down the stairs.

Pay no attention to the weird cat at the bottom of the stairs.

After a hard day’s work, Ramses does appreciate a good lap to curl up in to nap.

If you think you need a highly skilled people cat like Ramses in your life, head over to our cat page to learn more about adopting from ARFP:

Fable’s ready for Thanksgiving!

It might be only February, but Fable the foster kitten is sampling some pumpkin. And by some pumpkin, we mean a couple spoonfuls.

Fable was born in late September 2019. He’s up to date on his vaccines and has been neutered.

Fable lives in a foster home with his sister, Rumour. If you want to meet them, come by the Next Step Adoption Center at 711 Milner Dr. in Greensboro to meet him!

The center is open Wednesday from 5pm-8pm, Saturdays 11am-3pm, and Sundays 1pm-4pm.

You don’t have to bring pumpkin, but Fable won’t complain if you do! 😉

Spotlight on Fred!

Spotlight on Fred!

Some people say Fred’s a grump, but who can blame him? He became homeless when a Greensboro apartment complex served an eviction notice to his family. His family moved out. But take one guess who they didn’t take with them. Take another guess on how many people they told that they left their dog in the apartment.

Fast forward a week and maintenance enters the apartment to a grumpy Chihuahua. We’d be grumpy too. Luckily, they called us, and we went to check the dog out. He wasn’t neutered, his teeth were caked with tartar, and — to be honest — he stunk.

But his tail wagged, and his eyes begged. How could we not fall for him? How could we not take him in and get him the care he needed?

Now Fred looks great, has a clean bill of health, and feels good. He’s still a grumpy guy but, hey, we’ll all be there one day. Fred is 8 years old and needs a home to retire to.

You can meet Fred during open hours at the Next Step Adoption Center.

You can also fill out an adoption application or call 336-574-9600 to learn more about him.