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Spotlight on Fred!

Spotlight on Fred!

Some people say Fred’s a grump, but who can blame him? He became homeless when a Greensboro apartment complex served an eviction notice to his family. His family moved out. But take one guess who they didn’t take with them. Take another guess on how many people they told that they left their dog in the apartment.

Fast forward a week and maintenance enters the apartment to a grumpy Chihuahua. We’d be grumpy too. Luckily, they called us, and we went to check the dog out. He wasn’t neutered, his teeth were caked with tartar, and — to be honest — he stunk.

But his tail wagged, and his eyes begged. How could we not fall for him? How could we not take him in and get him the care he needed?

Now Fred looks great, has a clean bill of health, and feels good. He’s still a grumpy guy but, hey, we’ll all be there one day. Fred is 8 years old and needs a home to retire to.

You can meet Fred during open hours at the Next Step Adoption Center.

You can also fill out an adoption application or call 336-574-9600 to learn more about him.