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Sigurd: Let’s Go for a Walk!

UPDATE: Sigurd has been adopted!


My husband and I have been fostering Sigurd since he was about eight weeks old. There were four kittens in his litter, and they joined our two current foster kittens, Ragnar and Brunhilde. Everyone else has long since found a home, but Sigurd still hasn’t found his forever family yet. I find that so hard to believe! He is such a sweetheart. He curls up next to me and naps while I work on the couch every day, and he’s such a hoot when he plays. One of his favorite things to do is carry his toys around. We’re forever finding toys in new spots around the house. And there is nothing more adorable than watching Sigurd trot through a room with a toy in his mouth.

He’s also the softest kitten you’ve ever petted! Whenever people are visiting the cat room at the adoption center, invariably someone will pet Sigurd, then call to whoever they came with, “Come here! You have to pet this kitten! He’s so soft!”

I tease him that he’s half Angora bunny. 😉

I have no doubt that Sigurd’s forever home is out there, just waiting to meet him. But until then, I wanted to show everyone a little of Sigurd’s adorableness — in this case, him playing with a feather toy, and taking me for a “walk” after he catches it. Enjoy!


They have pillaged & plundered… now they nap


Gunnar and Sigurd, tuckered out after a busy morning of running around their foster home

While their siblings are off getting spayed and neutered today, Viking kittens Gunnar and Sigurd decided to stay home and run around instead. I’m their foster mom, Andi, and right now we have so many foster kittens in our house that we had to split them into groups for neutering because we can’t fit them all in our car at once! Yeah, kitten season is definitely here in force.

Brunhilde and Ragnar are taking part in today’s excursion to the vet because they’re actually from a different litter and are a little older. Not a lot, but enough that they’re at the top of our snip list. Magnus and Heimdall, who are true littermates with Gunnar and Sigurd, are getting neutered today, too, because they’re already adoption pending. Yay!

Because each kitten has to be in a separate carrier when they go to the spay/neuter clinic and we can only fit four carriers in our car at a time, Gunnar and Sigurd get to stay here at home with Chad and me today. One of the perks of working from home is getting to hang out with our foster cats all day.

Of course, it’s hard to get any work done when you’ve got cuties like these running around. All I want to do is watch them play – which for Sigurd and Gunnar today has meant chasing each other and our one-year-old cat Monet up and down the stairs – and up and down and up and down! – and all over the living room and dining room. Believe it or not, the kittens got tuckered out before Monet did! (Although if you’ve met Monet, that’s not much of a surprise.)

We’ll pick up the rest of the Viking horde from the spay/neuter clinic later today. Kittens bounce back from surgery quickly, especially the boys, so Brunhilde, Ragnar, Sigurd, and Gunnar will all be at the adoption center on Sunday from 1-4 pm.

As for Magnus and Heimdall, they’ll be heading to their new forever home early next week! Did I say yay? Because YAYYYYYY! 😀