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Category: “ARFP News”

Next Step Adoption Center Closed Saturday February 13, 2016

The Next Step Adoption Center will be closed Saturday February 13, 2016 for ARFP’s spring purse sale!

The Next Step Adoption Center will reopen Sunday February 14, 2016 at 1PM.

Holiday Hours for December 2015

The final adoption fair of 2015 at the Next Step Adoption Center will be Saturday, December 19th from 11am to 3pm.

The Next Step Adoption Center will close at 3pm and not reopen until January 3rd, 2016 at 1pm.


Recycling Program Update

As of December 1, 2015, we will be ending most of our recycling program.

We will ALWAYS recycle used cell phones and used printer/toner cartridges. This has always been a good fundraiser and continues to be.

We will not continue to recycle most of the other things such as chip bags, make up, etc… This is a labor intense endeavor which has not turned out to be lucrative. We gave it a try, but it didn’t work out. Many, many thanks to Alicia Valenzuela McBirney for driving this fundraiser! What a wonderful mission, and we wish it was feasible to continue. Thank you to everyone that has participated. We will collect until December 1, 2015.

Helping Shelter Pets

Rescued from the shelter, and now safe in an ARFP foster home

Rescued from the shelter, and now safe in an ARFP foster home

Today, for the first time in 17 years, ARFP went into the Guilford County Animal Shelter knowing that we were going to give a dog her freedom. This little girl will never see the inside of a shelter again! YAY!

If we want to be able to help more shelter animals, in addition to the many that people call us needing help, we must raise some extra money. Pulling animals from shelters can be risky and expensive. We know even less about them than the others we take in, plus they have been exposed to whatever is in the shelter at that time.
Hence, an online fundraising site has been set up. Feel free to share so that we can help more babies escape the shelter.
It’s going to be great for the animals of Guilford County to be in better hands!!